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Authentic Guatemalan Flavor

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We are a traditional Guatemalan shukos & craving spot located inside Jakes's Tavern. We offer catering, delivery, carry-out and partial dine-in. Nim Ali's main signature dishes are Shukos (street hot dogs). We specialize in the preparation of succulent dishes with fresh and healthy ingredients, offering you the best quality food and with a personalized service that will make you feel at home, our main objective is to give you unmatched attention with the best and authentic Guatemalan food. Come and enjoy a unique and delicious flavor.


Guatemalan Food

Delight yourself with a good bite full of fresh meat, different types of sauces and with the best ingredients, enjoy a rich and healthy menu with Nim Ali.

Real food

Delicious Cravings

Incredible snacks that only Nim Ali offers you, full of flavor to delight your palate. The best service to make you feel at home. Delicious Cravings.

Tasty Guatemalan Lunches

Great Food

Give yourself a great break tasting our varied and delicious food with the many options we have to offer you.

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Very Good Service and Delicious Food

– Mr. Rolando Oliva

Personal Advisor